Corporate Social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at AssidiqMedTech

Being in business requires everyone to take up the responsibility to nature. It is nature that gives us, and it is our responsibility to return to it. Assidiq MedTech aims at bridging the gap between aspiration and action. Hence, we are dedicated to bringing change to our work.

We shall adopt safe environmental work practices that enable efficient recycling and waste minimization. We shall hold all employees accountable for any unsafe work practices that damage the environment. The Company will also provide our customers with options for reusing, repairing, and recycling the products supplied to them.

All packaging will be done using environment-friendly materials, and we will avoid utilizing single-use plastic wherever possible.

We created a safe working environment for all our employees that supports their professional growth. We adhere to all fair labor laws and ensure that our employees are appropriately compensated for their work. If any employee is exploited and discriminated against based on caste, creed, race, religion, and gender, the management will take prompt action to protect the employee’s interests.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a core purpose. It defines our culture and how we plan on investing by contributing to the environment. Our main aim is our employees, society, and the environment’s issues that can be solved with our business requirements so that we can impact the environment. Ethical conduct and consciousness towards the environment is the key to a healthy and budding environment. Our success lies in working with our business partners, employees, and suppliers to build the business.

Assidiq Services
Assidiq Services

How do we manage CSR?

At Assidiq MedTech, we are committed to building a strategic approach for effective CSR. With our plans, we are focused on social investment programs and environmental sustainability, which would positively impact the environment. We are working towards maintaining complete transparency with effective CSR performance. ​


Owing to Covid-19, the entire world has gone to a shutdown. This has, however, brought a huge impact on the environment. We are committed to on-door delivery with complete sanitization while maintaining safety procedures. The delivery personnel is thoroughly analyzed for any symptoms of COVID.

With our products, we aim at lowering the risk of Covid-19 more. To flatten the curve to a significant aspect is our responsibility, and we are committed to doing the same. As a result, we will ensure to provide thorough service with overall safety guidelines. 

Development of society

We don’t just work to pursue our business goals to provide drop shipping services for medical equipment and soft medical goods. Instead, we believe in sharing our success with the less fortunate and helping the underprivileged faction of society to lead a better life.

Our organization supports many local charities working for humanitarian causes around the UAE. We share up to 25% of our yearly profit in the form of donations to these charities. By doing so, we hope to foster a culture of support that extends beyond our organization and uplifts the community.

our team of expert individuals manages the following tasks:

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