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Work at Assidiq and help us bring cutting-edge medical technology solutions to boost the quality of healthcare in the UAE and beyond!

Assidiq Services

Who Are We?

Assidiq MedTech is a global dropshipping and contract manufacturing company based in the UAE. We act as an intermediary for delivering health technology equipment, medical devices, and soft medical goods to doctors, hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, and end-users.

Assidiq MedTech works with manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors from all around the world to bring the best products to our customers. We pride ourselves on being one of the first drop shipping companies catering exclusively to the UAE’s medical technology industry.

Our aim is to build a healthier society through easy access to medical equipment and goods and establish Assidiq MedTech as an industry leader.

Why Work With Us?

Are you looking for dropshipping jobs? Assidiq MedTech is looking for individuals with a passion for medical technology and healthcare to help us achieve our business goals.

We adopt inclusive hiring practices that enforce diversity, gender equality, and transparency.

Here’s what you can expect if you work with us:

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Assidiq Services